Analytics is Driving the New Level of Healthcare Transformation

Analytics has added a new dimension to our healthcare delivery and is helping Indian doctors and hospitals become world class.

Dr Prakash (name changed) was very excited to receive news that they finally had the disease markers for their patient population. For years as the head of medicine he had operated guided by disease markers from western studies and he had used them as a basis to decide on the intervention required for chronic cases like diabetes and heart conditions.

  • Focus on data standardization: As part of the Digital Health Blueprint and the India Stack, there has been increased focus on standardization that would help the various parts of the healthcare ecosystem with data sharing.
  • Built-in mechanisms for consent, cyber security and privacy: As part of the analytics framework, efforts need to be made to ensure the protection of the data including privacy. If not managed this could become the single largest stumbling block top rapid adoption of analytics in healthcare
  • Focus on data governance: Today governance of data is mostly from the point of storage. But we need to change that lens to look at if more from a Machine Learning perspective. The data we have should be in a format to create training and test data for the system to be trained for decision making and recommendations
  • Create an ecosystem: The analytics for healthcare cannot be built by hospitals alone. The industry needs to create a ecosystem involving startups, academia and others.



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