With the COVID-induced rapid digitalisation in healthcare industry, little time was left to plan out robust IT security infrastructures to protect facilities. Here’s how you can address it.

Healthcare Executive interviews Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) about the impact of COVID-19 on the Med-Tech Industry.

How did COVID-19 reshape the med-tech industry? What is the current status of the sector?

nference, a Cambridge-based company founded by Indian scientists Venky Soundararajan and Murali Aravamudan, is making biomedical data computable to solve real life complex medical problems. Ikyatha Yerasala delves into this AI marvel.

With the patients no longer waiting on the sidelines and becoming active participants of their cure, the notion of information transparency has caught fire. The result has made organizations struggle to keep up with the rising expectation of the consumer.

Increased information transparency affecting the existing healthcare model

Healthcare Executive asks experts about six key policies or initiatives that supported the system to handle the turmoil.

A guide to reform the system by addressing the piling trust issues in healthcare.

How can telemedicine account for the loss of human touch?

WHO has removed Remdesivir from its list of COVID-19 medicines. Yet, the demand for the drug doesn’t seem to end anytime soon in the country. A HE report.

Analytics has added a new dimension to our healthcare delivery and is helping Indian doctors and hospitals become world class.

Healthcare Executive

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